Why we have a code of conduct

The Club Rules and Code of Conduct are in place to ensure that all Club Members (players, committee members and volunteers) and parents/supporters conduct themselves in a sporting and law abiding way and respect both the rules of the Club and the FA. The club will adopt the FA respect campaign and abide by the principals of the campaign.

Each team manager is responsible for upholding the Club’s Rules and Code of Conduct for him/herself and the players they manage. The Club’s Rules and Code of Conduct will be issued to each Club Member at the start of every season. Managers and players are required at all times to act in a sporting and courteous manner, to play to the referee’s decisions without question, and to conduct themselves in a manner acceptable to the club.

All Club Members must accept that whilst representing the Club in any capacity they are responsible for the way the Club is viewed externally. For this reason they should behave in a courteous and responsible manner at all times. Gedling Southbank FC will maintain a positive position in the community and will be mindful at all times of considering the community when making decisions that may affect it.

The Club is committed to providing a safe, encouraging and friendly environment for all of its members, and as such is opposed to any discrimination in the game. It will take any necessary measures to ensure that players and volunteers are treated fairly, and the Child Welfare Officer will help facilitate any situations if discrimination occurs.

In addition to providing a safe and secure environment for the players, Gedling Southbank FC is committed to encouraging the good name of football, extending its influence in a positive manner to ensure that the game is not brought into disrepute. The managers and coaches will be vital in achieving this, and will be coached to ensure that all people are treated courteously and are encouraged to extend this feeling to other teams.
All kit and equipment issued to all players, management staff and assistants remains the property of Gedling Southbank FC. The club retains the right to insist that all such kit and equipment is returned to the club when requested within 14 days of such a request. Failure to return any such kit or equipment may result in the club invoicing that person, parents or guardian for the full amount of replacement of the kit or equipment.

Gedling Southbank FC is totally committed to the game of football, and advocates fairness and honesty at all times when dealing with unusual instances.

More specifically the following is expected:-

Committee Members

1. Carry out the Club Constitution and set a positive example to the players of how the Club is run and involve players directly in the activities of the Club.
2. Avoid all forms of gamesmanship.
3. Show due respect to players and Match, League, FA and other Club Officials.


Players are part of a team with the aim of playing to win but not any cost. Respect and fair play are important elements in the sport. The Club expects the players to abide by the following:
1. All players should know and abide by the rules of the Club, the Football Association, the Notts Senior League, Notts Amateur Alliance League, the East Midlands Veterans League and all leagues run by the Notts Youth League, Young Elizabethan League and the Notts Ladies and Girls League.
2. Players should treat each other as they would wish to have themselves treated and set a positive example to others especially younger players.
3. Players should show due respect to Committee Members and Match, League, FA and other Club Officials, and to players from other Clubs.
4. Any player failing to act within the code of conduct could be disciplined. The Club Committee will administer all internal discipline, with each case being decided on its own merits.
5. All fines incurred by players become their own responsibility. Fines will be notified through the Club Secretary by the Notts FA. The club will pay all fines at senior level and when notified the individual player must reimburse the club within 21 days. The Club has the discretion to suspend the player if the fine is not paid. Youth and junior team players will pay their fines directly due to the different administrative requirements at this level.

Parents and Supporters

Parents and supporters are requested and encouraged to:

1. To respect both team managers’ and match officials’ decisions.
2. Applaud good football
3. Keep behind the roped off area (where applicable) and not to encroach the technical areas and the field of play
4. Help with the preparation and tidying up for home games

Drugs and Alcohol

The Club’s policy is that alcohol and drugs have no place in the performance of sport. More specifically Club Members who in the opinion of Committee Officers break the following rules will have their club membership terminated immediately:-

· No Club Member shall be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs both pre and during matches.

· During post match hospitality and club social events all club members are expected to act responsibly where alcohol is concerned and not participate in the taking or dealing of illegal drugs.

The Club fully supports the FA’s approaches on Doping Control and Child Protection Policy, Procedures & Practices.

Club Disciplinary Procedure

The club reserves the right to suspend a club member (or their representative i.e. parent for junior members) for not observing either the club rules and code of conduct, for not paying outstanding monies within the allotted timescales, or for any other behaviour or practice deemed inappropriate,

Only Committee members have the power to suspend and any proposals to expel club members (or their representatives i.e parents for junior members) must be decided and implemented by the Executive Committee.

Where a club member wishes to appeal against a suspension or expulsion from the club, then he/she should register that appeal with a member of the Executive Committee within 3 days of the suspension or expulsion being implemented. A hearing will take place within 5 days of the appeal registration, conducted by at least 3 members of the Executive Committee, one of whom should be the Chairman or Vice Chairman. The club member may attend the meeting either on his/her own or with a representative. The decision made by the Executive Committee at the appeal hearing will be final within the Club’s Constitution.

Table of Fees

See Finance Policy under Constitution