Club Guidelines

Guidelines for Managers/Coaches of Gedling Southbank teams

The following information has been written to give general guidelines to running teams in Gedling Southbank FC.

The information has been put together by a selection of Managers, Coaches and Executive committee members to assist those teams in running a successful team at Gedling Southbank FC.

1. The Team

The most important element of a successful team is the squad of players and the development and retention of those players. It is important that all players are made to feel welcome and that they are allowed to develop at their own pace. Effective training sessions that incorporate all skill levels will encourage team spirit and commitment. Players are no good standing on the line, like every other player they want to play and enjoy and improve and progress – remember PLAYERS WANT TO PLAY.

Should you need to increase your squad size here are some ideas of where to look for players.

– Friends of your current squad

– Schools

– The Club and League websites

– Supermarket, post office notice boards, shop window displays

– Other GSB player’s brothers and sisters

– Enter summer tournaments to keep your team active and to look at new players.

The Club would urge all non qualified Managers/Coaches to enrol on a Level 1 FA course as a minimum. All new appointments as Junior Section Manager/Coach will require that a Level 1 FA course is attended within 12 months of commencing the post. All FA approved coaching courses will be paid for by the club and grants where applicable.

All Junior Management teams require CRB checks are completed by the club Welfare Officer.

2. Team Organisation

Good team organisation will not only benefit the Management team but will ensure a strong and committed parent group. A good team organisation should contain as a minimum, a Manager/Coach, an assistant, a team secretary and a team finance secretary. Additionally try and encourage match day volunteers to assist with pitch preparation etc.

Keep players and parents informed, have a good database with e-mail addresses and use newsletters etc to keep everyone informed.

To assist with recruiting volunteers contact the Club Volunteer Coordinator or anyone on the Executive Committee. Good team organisation will also ensure vital contact is maintained with the club and parents and there is good support for club social events.

3. Finance

See Finance Policy under Constitution.

4. Matchday Volunteers

Any assistance that the Manager/Coach gets on Match days is beneficial in running a successful team; it allows them time to prepare the team for the game ahead. The earlier you put together your team of volunteers the more it will become part of the match day routine for all. Have a meeting with all your parents after training or before the game and explain what you need people to do and ask for people to volunteer, it will be much harder for people not to offer help when in a group.

Once people are involved it will be easier to ask for assistance in other areas like giving lifts, refreshments, assistant referee, taking the referee’s course, newsletters and website match reporter. Running a team is just like running the club but in a mini version, we are all volunteers

5. League and FA Rules


All Managers/Coaches/Team Secretaries should be aware of the League and FA rules that are relevant to their age group. League representatives are appointed annually by the club and you should be aware of who they are and be prepared to contact them for assistance when required.

6. Website

The Club has one of the best football club websites in Nottinghamshire and all teams are expected to make full use of it. Fixtures and results should be uploaded weekly and a match report done within 24 hours of a fixture. Match reports should always be complimentary and encouraging, please refrain from criticising your team in such a public place and do not put derogatory comments about your opponents or match officials. The website is also a contact and information point for you and your players and parents so please encourage them to use it frequently.

7. Meetings

Section Meetings are held for Managers/Coaches and it is mandatory that a representative of each team attends. Dates, times and locations of all the meetings will be communicated by e-mail and posted on the website.